Plesk Onyx for Free

A dedicated server means increased security, flexibility, speed and stability. As a unique solution, MoldData offers you Plesk Onyx Control Panel for free!

Use the new Plesk Onyx completely free! This tool is available with all Dedicated Servers.

Plesk Platform is a leader in the development, operation and automation of sites and applications. With the latest Plesk Onyx version, a unique and complex system is available for developers, system administrators and web experts, as well for agents and resellers. Plesk Onyx supports all relevant programming languages, such as PHP, Java, node.js, html5, .Net, Python and many more. A whole team can work together via a shared control panel.

All you need to do is to chose a dedicated server from MoldData and start using the built-in Plesk Onyx control panel!

Quick Launch

Step 1:

Order a server from

Step 2:

Select and install the Plesk Onyx version from the control panel

Step 3:

You are ready to start the project!

The new Plesk Onyx administration tool makes the server work considerably easier and effective. The control panel provides a range of useful functions and a multitude of innovative features. We are among the few Plesk partners that offer the Onyx version. Discover why Plesk Onyx is more than a control panel.

The most important advantages of the new Plesk Onyx

Suport Docker

Respond to growing customer demands: Docker allows access to applications on numerous programs such as Redis, MongoDB, Memcached and many others.

Suport Git

Integrate Git, currently the most popular source code management system. Manage Git archives and use it as a transport for publications and updates.


Profitați din interfața intuitivă pentru profesioniști web - utilizați PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, node.js, html5 și multe altele.


A centralized account management facilitates the automatic allocation of content or subscriptions between connected nodes.

Multiple operating systems

You can select the operating system you want: Windows or Linux distributions such as CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu

WordPress Toolkit

Powerful security and management tool for WordPress instances, plugins and themes.