Server colocation

Server colocation at MoldData Cloud

The real value of your servers depends on the installed software apps and their optimal functionality. Servers housed in unsuitable space can prejudice the business.

Obviously, you can choose to keep your server at home or in the office, connected to the internet. Unfortunately, this does not provide the necessary safeness / security. Most likely you do not have a power generator to keep the server online in case of a prolonged power outage. You do not have a climate control system which prevents server overheating, quality support and technical assistance in case of technical problems. These issues are solved if you opt for hosting services from MoldData.

MoldData Cloud collocation service provides a minimum guaranteed SLA of 99.982% and TIER 3 quality standard. You can focus on your business, knowing that the servers are always functional.

MoldData offers colocation for just 49 $ / month for a horizontal server, 19 inches - 1 unit.

For collocation starting from 3 servers prices may be negotiated and significant discounts are offered. When needed, you can add multiple domain names or multiple IP addresses.



49 $/month

  • 1 IP adress
  • 20TB trafic
  • 100 Mbps Internet
  • 1 Lan port
  • 99,9% Uptime


59 $/month

  • 1 IP adress
  • 20TB trafic
  • 100 Mbps Internet
  • 1 Lan port
  • 99,9% Uptime


69 $/month

  • 1 IP adress
  • 20TB trafic
  • 100 Mbps Internet
  • 1 Lan port
  • 99,9% Uptime

*Electricity consumption is included

Additional options

1 adresă IP 2$/lună
Fiecare unitate suplimentară 1U+1U+...+1U 10$/lună
Viteza transfer 100$ Mbps 100$/lună
Trafic 20 TB 10$/lună
1 Port rețea 4$/lună

Optional services

Denumirea serviciului Conținutul serviciului Prețul
Filtre Anti-Spam Licenţă filtre Anti-Spam „SpamExperts” cu posibilitatea vizualizării rapoartelor detaliate de spam, filtrare spam, livrare corespondenţă 10$ lună/per server
Suport tehnic Mentenanță PROFESSIONAL 25$ /abonament lunar
Mentenanță ENTERPRISE 50$/abonament lunar
FTP Backup 100GB 3$ /lună
250GB 5$ /lună
500GB 7$ /lună
1TB 10$ /lună
5TB 30$ /lună
10TB 60$ /lună
20TB 120$ /lună
Sursă suplimentară de alimentare 25$ /lună
Asistență la distanță (Remote Hands) 10$ /solicitare


MoldData has modern access systems and non-stop guard. Thus, you get a professional solution, protect your server from any natural disasters and get external data back-up which ensures functionality;
Technical support is available 24/7 to monitor, notify and solve any issue;
MoldData has its own data center, built upon Tier 3 recommendations, 2N redundant power supply, N + 1 redundant air conditioning, fire protection with inert gases, the possibility of recovery in case of disaster.
Tier 3 Data center
SLA 99.982 %.
Networking core Juniper SRX650, Cisco, F5 Big-IP LTM.
1 Gigabit / 10 Gigabit Equipment
Unlimited Traffic.
Opțional Firewall hardware.
Optional Load Balancer.
Optional VPN.
Two connections of electrical power TP1 TP2 .
UPS electric Backup + diesel generator .
Managed PDU (stop, start, restart, dedicated current-meter per plug).
5+ dedicated IPs.
Optional External Backup R1Soft .