MoldData Data Center

Host.MD offers colocation solutions through MoldData Cloud Data Center


SE MoldData, Armeneasca St. 37/1, Chişinău, Moldova.


A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as .... Organizations replace aging data center equipment with newer ones that provide increased capacity and performance. Computing, networking ...

MoldData Cloud Data Center is endowed with new and modern equipment:

Data center access is based on magnetic card
MoldData Cloud is monitored by several cameras
2 UPS units of high capacity for redundancy
Rack power supply from two different sources
Dedicated Generator
24/7 customer support service, provided by systems engineers
Monitoring, security and maintenance 24/7/365
Customer Support 24/7/365
Two air conditioning units for efficiency and redundancy
Advanced fire protection with Inergen gas
Temperature sensors which are constantly monitored

2 units of air conditioning (HVAC) of very high capacity ensure optimum temperature for collocated equipment functioning. Their interface provides control over temperature and humidity. These features are permanently monitored by system engineers.

The equipment is cooled from top to bottom.


The racks are made specially for S.E. MoldData by one of the leading manufacturers in the field.


Capacity of 42 RU.
Adjustable mounting brackets for various types of equipment.
Perforated doors to allow optimum air circulation.
Security padlock.
At customer requirement, the unit can be equipped with biometric access and dedicated video surveillance .
LED screen for monitoring the PDU capacity, humidity and temperature.


2-way connectors are used - Optic Fiber and Ethernet cable Cat. 6 Transmission medium is located on special separated support


PDU have electricity consumption monitoring and are specially designed and surveyed via Web interface, Telnet, SNMP, SSH. It features 20 ports of power distribution IEC 320-C13 and 4 ports IEC-320 -C19. The LCD screen displays the load level of the PDU.


Ceaseless electrical source is equipped with two Emerson UPS units. Unarrested power supply and UPS ensure continuity of supply if the local network does not meet specifications.

UPS have 90 minutes autonomy for maximum load of the Data Center. Diesel generator starts in 1-2 seconds.


The generator is placed outside the building on a specially designed platform.


Turbo-Diesel engine.
648 CP.
500 KVA power.


MoldData Cloud Data Center is equipped with a modern fire detection and fire suppression system. Sensor network based on double detection, optic and thermal provide accurate and timely alarm. The sensors are monitored 24/7. Fire protection system is based on INERGEN gas, a combination between neutral argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The gas mixture does not affect the installed equipment.

Security and control

MoldData Cloud Data Center is supervised by several cameras with motion sensors having a storage capacity up to 90 days. The access based on magnetic card allow the registration of access in the Data Center building.